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Welcome to The Mr. Brick Co. & Publishing. We’re glad you stopped by.  We’re a small (but mighty) media company located in Hollywood, with a satellite office in the Pacific Northwest. We are dedicated to creating and delivering quality family entertainment.

You may not know us by our name, but we are sure you know our flagship brand, the animated, Hollywood Rats!  Hollywood Rats! are a rat pack from Hollywood of rats that embark on a music career. Please stop by and visit them. They are the most famous rats on the interweb.

The Hollywood Rats! believe that laughter is the best medicine and have created a good works division, Operation Cheesy Medicine, to help bring good cheer to sick and terminally ill people. You can support the rats by checking out their Operation Cheesy Medicine website and buying a gift for someone needing a little cheer .

We are also gaining notoriety by our crime novel, “inTWINition of murder” which will become a television series.

We are very proud to be the exclusive representative for, Friday On Elm Street, an upbeat pop-punk bank that blends reality and fantasy through their original brand of music and cutting edge entertainment.

You can follow us on Twitter @MrBrick  or  Facebook and please subscribe to our funny ass blog, Mr Brick’s World. We think it will bring a smile to your face.

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